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As many of my friends and clients know, I don’t give much direction during my sessions. Instead, I prefer to capture the love between a mother and child as it unfolds. I feel like those are the type of photographs that are cherished the most. In fact Kristin wrote me after viewing her photo gallery and I can’t help but to share those sweet, sweet words: “I am simply blown away by the shots. I had tears streaming, they just capture certain emotions that I hadn’t seen in me before.”  Thank you Kristin for reminding me that I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.

Some woman are absolutely mother material.
Kristin is definetly one of those woman ♡

I asked her to share a few words with me about her motherhood experience thus far and this is what she had to say…

“There’s so many things people tell you when you’re about to be a first time mother… Don’t they know there’s no way to prepare for something this monumental? Motherhood was a like a wave that crashed up on my shore, clearing everything away and rearranging the curves in my sand. All I thought I knew is now being reevaluated, with new eyes, mother eyes… One thing they told me, about trusting the power of my instinct, has been a beautiful evolution for the love I hold within my being. I am forever grateful to my son- for this, for him, for this unfathomable future that lays ahead….”

Amen mama. Amen.



I am honored to be apart of yet another beautiful beginning for Akaysha and her family.
Watching this family grow from two love birds to a gorgeous tribe of five has been an absolute blessing.

Thank you again Akaysha, for welcoming me into your sacred birth space to document this sweet day.

My heart is raw with love, my body is raw with pain and my mind is so full of bliss that I almost feel lightheaded.” – thelastofthehoney


Last week we celebrated my 11 year olds birthday.
Did you hear me? ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

I don’t even know how that happened.

She was an only child for four years – and then her little brother was born.
Four more years – another little brother.
Two months later – we are raising 5 little people in total.

Before I know it – time has taken over my life.

time to wake up.
time for breakfast.
time to get the kids to school.
time to make time to get a little work done.
time for the kids to get home.
time for a snack.
time for them to do their chores.
time for dinner.

Seriously guys!
time is taking over my life.

so until I run out – I will spend way too much time loving these little people.
and taking way too many pictures.