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“I don’t normally do “reviews” or “recommendations” unless they are really worth doing. If there was ever a recommendation that needed to be given, Chance would be it. Like everyone else I was a little hesitant on the whole birth photography idea, being that it’s such a personal event. I had accidentally stumbled upon her work, and couldnt take my eyes off of it. Chances photos are unique, candid and stand out from all others. I decided that I had to give her a call. After just talking with her on the phone I was at ease. After meeting her just once my husband and I were sold. Hiring Chance to do our photos was a no brainer. We couldnt be happier that we chose her for the life event of our first sons birth! Her pictures are gorgeous and tasteful from start to finish. She’s able to capture raw moments, details and pure emotions on camera. Moments that without her, would pass you by or you not remember. She’s descreet and quiet as can be… without my husband being able to hear the clicking of her camera from time to time, we would not have even known that she was in the room with us. Her talent surpasses all others and as a person shes amazing too. Very understanding, listens to details and has a great personality. I would ONLY recommend her a thousand times over. It’s one of the best decisions we ever chose to make. **Thank you Chance for all our beautiful photos and for going out on a limb and following your dream in doing this type of photography, you are an asset to this field of work! You can definitely tell that you love what you do! Much Appreciation from my husband and I over and over!” -Destiny

“Hiring a birth photographer to document our homebirth, more specifically, hiring Chance to document our birth was undeniably one of the greatest decisions we made. It takes not only the right person, but a very special person, to invite them into your private and sacred space and allow them document and witness such a miraculous event. Chance couldn’t have been more supportive, encouraging and respectful from our very first introductory meeting to weeks after the birth of our daughter, checking in along the way and setting up a Meal Train after her birth. During my labor, you would have never known there was a photographer in the room, yet the images captured speak a beautiful story of the entire process. Though I was in such another world during my labor, I do remember Chance stepping in when needed, allowing my head to rest on her stomach, lightly touching and massaging my feet and showing me encouraging photos of my progress when our little girl was stuck in the birth canal. We will cherish and love our photos for the rest of our life, they still take my breath away each time I look at them. Chance was a critical member of our birth team and we will definitely be hiring her again to document our future little ones!” – Courtney & Brad

“Chance has been nothing short of amazing. I first called her when I was considering birth photography, I was very shy about it and wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable with someone that I didn’t know at the birth of my baby. I was having a home birth and knew that I would be very effected by anyone who was in the room. We set up a meeting and as soon as I saw her come in the door, I knew we we’re all good. She has such a warm, loving and calm demeanor, I felt that she would actually be adding to my birth circle. When Henry’s birthday arrived Chance came to our home and Honestly I had no idea she was even there, she was so respectful and quite. It was such a joy to get the disk of photos. Her work reflects her; warm, loving and artistic. I’ll be hiring Chance many more times in the future.” -Summer

“When hearing of the opportunity to have a photographer at the birth of our child I was most skeptical. I feared having someone I didn’t know in the room sharing the most intimate and personal event of our lives. Chance handled the situation like a true professional and I hardly realized she was in the room. Now we have great photos to remember that most intimate and personal day. Thanks Chance.” -Ryan

“Having a photographer present meant I could be free to be there for my wife without any distractions or wondering if now was a good time to take a picture.  The whole experience goes by in a blur–I was shocked to see how many things Chance caught on film that I didn’t even remember afterward.”  -Ben

“Choosing Chance to come to our home and document our son’s birth through photography was one of the best decisions we’ve made. She is a very skilled and wonderful photographer who was able to capture some amazing and emotional moments between us all. Chance was very respectful during the labor and birth, knowing exactly where to stand to catch the best shots without being in anyone’s way. A true professional.  It was easy to welcome Chance into our home.  She is incredibly kind, skilled, and an excellent communicator. Chance also went above and beyond the call of duty. After our son’s homebirth I had to go to the hospital for non-emergency sutures. Chance stayed with the baby and the family at home and provided a most welcome extra pair of hands.  She held the baby and helped out tremendously. Chance is an amazing person as well as photographer and we are very grateful for everything she has done. We loved the photographs we received so much that we invited her back for newborn and family photos. And those were fantastic as well. We highly recommend Chance to anyone planing on having a baby and wishing to capture the moment with pictures that will be cherished for years to come. Thank you Chance!” -Chris & Robin

“When I first heard about birth photography I didn’t think that I’d ever be comfortable having somebody photographing something as private as giving birth.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really wanted those moments and memories captured.  After all, our baby only makes her entrance once. She is only seconds old once. Getting the best pictures of her first firsts is priceless. After discovering Chance and her work, I knew that we’d found somebody with enormous talent.  When I met with Chance it was easy to see that she understood birth and the emotions that go with it.  She understood how to capture the details and memories beautifully and respectfully.  There was no second-guessing our decision to hire her, and I’m so glad!  Chance’s presence at our daughter’s birth was comforting because I knew we didn’t have to worry about missing a picture.  When our daughter was born, I was able to celebrate her with my husband instead of with his camera lens.   The quality of Chance’s work is absolutely incredible—the kind of incredible that only happens when somebody is doing what they love.  Her work is powerful.  The pictures Chance took allow us to relive the beauty of the night we met our little girl.  The first time we saw them we were both blinking back tears, and we know that they’ll only grow to be even more meaningful as time passes. Our only regret is that we did not know about Chance with our first daughter.  We both believe that she is worth every penny that she charges!  Our advice to anyone considering Chance as a birth photographer is this: don’t hesitate—you won’t be disappointed!”  -David & Karissa

“As a first time mother, I had many fears and hesitations concerning birth and the whole experience but one thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to remember the miracle of my first born son. I also knew that I needed my husband to be fully present for we were in labor together – this was our son. I needed his hand to hold and not on a camera so when the opportunity came to professionally photograph the experience –although I was still hesitant-I knew this is what we wanted, we needed. When Chance walked into the labor room, my concerns about intrusion on this intimate experience faded away as she quietly became part of the background. She politely had the flash off but I invited her to do what she needed to do as the artist. She was very aware as a professional but even more so a woman who has been there before. In her art, she was able to capture the mystery of love giving birth to life itself. I will cherish these pictures like the treasure my son is and I am so thankful to Chance for her gift of her photography.” -Sandra

“Chance is an amazing photographer! She recently did my birth photos and I enjoyed having her there! She was not only very professional but she was so great that most of the time I forgot she was there. She was able to capture my birth beautifully and it gave my family the opportunity to be fully present. I am so happy I chose to have her there I now have amazing pictures of one of the most important times in my life. Chance also did my children’s newborn photos and I was so impressed, they turned out adorable! Most of the time parents dread getting photos done but I didn’t have to do a thing, it was very relaxing. Chance is very talented and I am very lucky I found her!” -Tara

“What a blessing it is to have such precious moments framed in time. Your passion for photography and your tenderness towards the birthing moment – shine through in the pictures of our newly arrived son. Although a bit reserved in the thought of a photographer in the room capturing very personal moments – we are so happy we decided to have you join us. You blended in so well to the chaos around, and actually calmed both of us between contractions with your conversation and good sense of humor. Thank you again for giving us such a precious gift -one we will have for a lifetime.” -John and Karese

“I first met Chance as a labor nurse working at the hospital, and have worked during several of the deliveries she was present at. I was so impressed with her professionalism and ability to capture so many great images for these patients. She never seemed to be in the way but when you go back and look at the pictures it is clear she was still able to capture so many precious memories! Being pregnant myself during that time, I knew right away I wanted to ask her to photograph my labor/delivery as well! I am so happy that I did.  It was so nice knowing my family could be present to focus on the experience and not have to worry about taking pictures for me. She did such an amazing job and I am so happy to have these photos to look back on and remember such an important time in our lives!” -Beth

“I knew going into this pregnancy this would be the only one I would have as I already have two step-children and this would complete our “family” of five.  Originally I had in my mind that I wanted the birth video recorded.  I did not want to forget these experiences and the moment of seeing and meeting my son for the first time.  When I was 36 weeks pregnant I saw some photos on my midwife’s Facebook page that were just wonderful. I contacted Chance to see if this was something we could afford, but even as I was sending the initial message for more information I knew no matter what this was what I wanted.  There was no question in my mind that I no longer just wanted some video recording, I wanted photos done by someone who would capture the moments and feelings of my sons birth. I then arranged a meeting with Chance and life happened, my water broke the day before our meeting.  I contacted Chance the only way I knew how, via e-mail, and she responded right away saying she could still come.  I was so happy.  My birth experience was not all that I had expected, but every moment was captured by Chance in her beautiful photos and now looking back at these photos I’m able to cherish the moments of that day and remember the miracle of my son’s birth.  I would recommend her to any mother approaching the birth of her child. What a fantastic way to document and cherish those moments that go by so quickly. I have nothing but good things to say about the entire birth photography experience. Chance was a pleasant beautiful person to have around but at the same time she blended right in with everything else that was occurring causing no disruption or distraction during the labor and birth process. I felt comfortable and happy with her there and couldn’t be happier with the end product!”  -Kaelie

“When I look back on the roller-coaster-ride birth of my son, perhaps the most important decision we made was to let someone else take the photographs. I’ve missed too many of life’s best moments waiting for the auto-focus to come on. Chance took all that fidgeting away from me, and let me put my attention where it should be, with my family. Chance blends herself in like a piece of comfortable furniture, we hardly knew she was there. But when we got the huge collection of amazing photographs handed to us yesterday, it was clear she was at the heart of our birth experience. Thank you Chance!” -Sean

“I found Chance’s photography on my midwife’s website early on in my pregnancy and greatly admired her work. I had never had a photographer for the births of my first two children, even though I always wanted to. I was afraid that I could never afford to do it, so I never contacted Chance . . . until I was about one month from my due date. We had just found out that none of our family could make a cross country trip to watch our two children while I was delivering, so my husband would have to be with them instead of with me. I felt so bad that he wouldn’t be able to be a part of his own child’s birth so I finally decided to contact Chance. I emailed her inquiring about her services and costs. I also told her about our circumstances, both with our lack of friends or family to help and with our limited finances. She responded with concern for our situation and great generosity by offering us an affordable price and payment plan. I couldn’t believe it!! I would finally get the birth photos I had dreamed of for so many years! Chance stayed in close contact with me throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy. She arrived at the hospital quickly and not only stayed to photograph the events, but she also ended up being my support person. She was totally amazing and helped make the birth of my third child a wonderful experience despite the fact that my husband was not there. When I received the photos and slideshow of my daughter’s birth, I was in tears. Chance captured that day perfectly – the emotions, the mood, and even the little details of the activities in the delivery room. I was so moved by the images. Chance is incredibly gifted. She captures life and deep emotion in a single frame. She not only has tremendous talent, but she is an incredible person as well. She went from being a hired birth photographer to a dear friend. I would recommend Perfect Chance Photography to anyone. Thank you so very much for coming into our lives, being a part of our daughter’s birth, and for the exceptionally amazing photographs!!” -Adriana



  • April 27, 2013 - 11:12 pm

    Amanda - Picking a photographer to capture certain moments in one’s life can be a crucial decision. Not so with Chance at Perfect Chance Photography. I saw her work on Facebook then checked out her website. I didn’t even bother looking at other photographers, I knew that she was the one I wanted to do our newborn photos. Our son was 4 days old when she drove 2.5 hours each way to my house and spent several hours with him while taking the most precious photos I’ll ever have. The pictures I received were beyond my expectations and I can not tell you how many people have fallen in love with our son just by looking at his pictures from that day. Chance is truly an amazing and gifted photographer. She knows how to use angles and lighting to add that special touch to her craft. I’ve already told my husband that when we have our next child we are going to have Chance in there with us to photograph the birth. I regret not doing this with Wyatt. But now he is 6 months old and we have just set up a family photo session with Chance and I’m so excited because I know that I will be pleased with our photos. Thank you Chance for everything and for being you!ReplyCancel

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